LAIKA is a project focused on contemporary cross-roads arts based in Berlin. LAIKA aims at hosting innovative productions in the fields of audiovisual and digital arts such as performances,installations, screenings, lectures and other related av practices. Permanently looking for evolutionary avant-garde artists around the world LAIKA offers a new concept of an art event – well-defined but broad-minded cultural happening. Having its own energy LAIKA develops with each project an empowering and ambitious event presenting performances of expanded cinema and aesthetic interventions, musicians with visual projects as well as animation artists, etc.

Starting with one event every six weeks, LAIKA seeks to develop a platform for audiovisual arts where the audience – artists, curators, cultural agents, etc. – will be able to learn, to interact and to discover in this particular art scene. LAIKA’s goal is to combine theory and practice. Hence, LAIKA proposes to offer lectures, workshops, discussion panels as much as performances, screenings and concerts.

Curated and organized by Helene Romakin

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